Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hello and welcome to Buddy's Backyard,

What you will find in Buddy's Backyard are a variety of wildlife photos taken in Buddy's own backyard.

We're in the midst of having some of our birds that migrate to the south for the winter return to Buddy's backyard. We're excited to see them all again and document about them, this is part of the purpose for this blog, so you can learn about our birds and learn about birds overall.

I've been photographing wildlife for almost five years now? Either way I love taking photos of our birds and critters, it's amazing that you can interact with some of these birds and critters just by being there. They don't need much from me, except for some food and clean water-baths, but otherwise as long I stay within my distance and theirs, we're all in harmony.

Almost every single bird and critters knows Buddy, since his routine involves taking a walk outside with me and explore. Not one bird or critter ever sounded the alarm when Buddy is out, only when there's a hawk or another cat that doesn't belong in Buddy's backyard.

I also ask that you do not copy any of my photos and claim it as your own, I will have a copyright label on all of my photos.

I will be letting you know about when and where you could purchase a photo. 

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