Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring is HERE!!!

Spring is here!!!

WE been hearing Robins but we have not been seeing them . . . until today. There were three total but unfortunately the third one took off before the picture could be snapped.

We also have the Grackles back, at least one blackbird and one red-winged blackbird in the near distance. We been putting out nesting materials and every morning the nesting material has been gone.

We are also keeping an eye on one of our cardinal pairs, last year the female had decided to build a nest in one of the large bushes we have at the front of the house, but many other birds were not happy about it. A lot of chatters (angry chatters), but sadly someone had gotten our cardinal eggs, most likely a squirrel because the nest wasn't too disturb.

We're thinking that it's the same pair because they are attempting to try that area again but we're going to try and direct them to an different area and hopefully they can build their nest there.

Buddy is getting into his routine walk again, now that we're getting nice weather and he's spending all of his days on the porch.

Also tonight we heard a small group of Herring Gulls fly across us, which is unusual for us to see them. We're also hearing Sandhill Cranes in the far distance, echoes off from the Pond. Maybe one of these days we'll see them in flight????

We have sandhill cranes in our local area but now they are flocking near our large Pond that is an habitat to many other birds. 

So we're gearing up for SPRING!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Resolutions

Hey everyone!!!

I know this blog has been very quiet, I'll try to work into focusing on posting about our birds. After all spring will be here before we know it and birds will be coming back to our backyard.

We are currently putting together a puzzle that I brought for dad that had showcase some of our birds, we been doing puzzles for a couple years now on New Year's Eve and we try to finish it before the new year comes. We are still working on the puzzle but it will look so great when it's put together.

We mostly have gotten all the birds together and the birdhouse they're sitting on, we got the cardinals pair, an bluebird, goldfinch (Male), a sparrow (maybe house) and then we have a chickadee. Once we have the puzzle together I'll share a photo.

Speaking of our backyard, everyone been pretty quiet or staying warm. We must have had our cooper's hawk earlier this week because there were feathers. Our crows are an fascinating creature of bird and smart too!

We now been tossing out old bread for them and they come for their dinner/breakfast, even some dip the food in the water of our heated birdbath.

Hope we have a great year with all sorts birds both old and newcomers!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Buddy's backyard has been quiet because of the cold, but we did have some of our old spring/fall visitors come through. Our European Starlings. Where they been I'm not sure but they came back.

We have had our usual critters, and the raccoons been in hibernation since early November.

Ever wonder what would be some perfect birding gifts?

This year, I've receive and given gifts that is perfect for our backyard birding.
1. Is the 365 day calendar
2. I receive an "rite in the rain" which is an journal that is rain proof and a pen that is rain proof with a little zipup.
3. I've gotten dad a bird puzzle that features the Cardinals, Nuthatch, Chickadee, an Eastern Bluebird, and a goldfinch. <-- this by far is the best gift I could give to dad
4. Part of an Hallmark ornament series "The Beauty of the Birds" this year was the Pine Grosbeak, they did have a female limited edition but that was completely sold out on the first release day.
5. Next I gave my dad two new feeders because our squirrels have been destroying our small feeders.
6. I got my dad a stuff animal plush Squirrel which only until later tonight, I realized that the plush little squirrel is a replica of one of our squirrels named Sweater.
7. You know that commercial with the Raccoons?
Here's the video

I've found this little figurines that features three raccoons and it's honestly the perfect thing I could get dad.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Winter is coming!!!!

I know it's been extremely quiet on this blog, I swear once I'm on school break I'll start posting some photos of Buddy's Backyard creatures.

We finally have gotten cold temperatures and I think that all of our raccoons has taken shelter, there's no snow on the ground yet but I think this cold front we got will tell them to go hibernate (although they don't really hibernate).

The Moles that lives underground has really done a number on our neighbor yard, they are just tunneling all over and creating big unearthed holes. You could probably dig about less than a foot before you seen an actual hole that lead deep underground.

Other backyard titbits, our crows DO eat Peanuts!!!!! I've read somewhere that Crows eat Peanuts but we always throw peanuts out for the squirrels that we never seen them take an interest in until one day a crow must have watch me put peanuts in an unusual spot and sneakily took them but we witness it.

Here's some Winter Tips for your backyard creatures,

Heated bird bath, that's has to be one of the best thing we have for all our of birds and deers to have water access.

IF you feed Feral cats, start building those shelters now or start bringing them out if you already have made those. If you never made these shelter before here's a video on building them

Keep food available, we may go the extra mile to make sure that everyone has food. There's not much we can do for warmth for squirrels (If I could and if it would work I would totally buy an heated shed and have little houses fit for squirrels and birds)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How many can you see?

Who on the spotlight of Buddy's Backyard today?

It's no secret that Buddy's Backyard is filled with critters, one of our biggest group of visitors are raccoons. YEP Raccoons and NO they don't go digging in the garbage > sometimes the recycling but don't ask me why the Kits are a curious bunch.

These Kits are not camera shy, they don't care for the hose, they love grapes and now Marshmallows. According to dad we have always had raccoons, and he had always feed them but then he kind of stop feeding them until a few years ago. Clearly one of the biggest complaints people have about Raccoon is them getting into their garbage.

We started feeding them to keep them out of other people garbage, that way they didn't have to go out to find food but instead come to Buddy's Backyard and always have food there waiting for them. So we been into our routine feeding for awhile but then we took notice of raccoons showing up much later at night looking for food, so we decided to start making a second batch of food for them.

Well as you know Kits have been born and mama raccoon teaches her kits where to go for food. We believe we have two sets of family and a couple adults from prior family. So one night while taking photo I couldn't believe how many I was seeing!

So take a guess by this photo on how many there are!!!

Sorry that this photo is a little dark, but this is taken at night

Think you got the right number???? Check again!

If you wonder if raccoon cleans their food? Yes they do! Not all the kits are doing that yet but most of them are.

Hope you enjoy today tidbits on Buddy's Backyard and remember be kind to nature.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A doe & her fawn

I know Buddy's backyard has full of critters and wildlife. One of the biggest things we get are deers, while it's been a long while since we been able to take pictures because the deers show up at night. Truth be told, we're not even sure how many deers we get.

Today one of our Does, who clearly has been here before while we been outside at the same time. Brought her fawn today. Her fawn still has spots but those spots will soon fade, we hadn't put out all the food yet but we were able to put some of the raccoon food out.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meet Gretchen

Hey everyone!!!

So guess what new visitor been coming around Buddy's backyard . . .

She's been coming around since mid-June, what descriptions can we say to hint on what Gretchen is.

She's large . . .

Has Feathers

Eats plants, bugs, insects . . .

Leaves one sets of tracks.

Have you figure it out yet????

GRETCHEN IS . . . . . 


Copyrights: Buddy's Backyard
Copyrights: Buddy's Backyard

Copyrights: Buddy's Backyard
Gretchen has become a routine visitor nowadays, typically it's an morning and early evening routine. She'll come in the morning and depending on if anyone up, we see her but sometimes she come really early but we're always able to see her early evening.

There are some days she does come maybe three times, typically it's two but it could/and can be three to four times a day. There's almost never a day where we don't see her or know that she has come.

She loves to dig in what we call our leaf pile between our two large trees, and scowers for bugs that lives underneath all that mulch. That's usually how we can tell that she had been here in the morning when the leaf pile looks very disturb.

She did bring a friend at one point that we call Zelda, but she makes a very rare appearance.

If Gretchen continue to come when the weather and seasons start changing, we'll have to find a way to provide food for her during the cold season.