Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April to January

We're going back in months, this past weekend the Midwest was hit hard with a major snowstorm. Buddy's backyard got about 14.7 inches of snow, Green Bay, Wi got over 24 inches of snow and between here and there, cities have had between 12-20 inches of snow.

We're supposed to be getting warm weather and having nearly all of our snow melted by now, however the forecast for this week brings more snow.

How's our backyard you ask? The Grackles and juncos are all over the place, our cardinals were out hitting every feeders along with our goldfinches. It was a mad house, we pretty much had to refill each feeder twice a day.

Here's a nice picture of a Junco who is eating seeds from the ground. They are a lot harder to capture pictures because of their white underbelly.

Any ideas on what this bird is??? It had a very unique pattern, unlike anything I've seen but turns out it's a Buddy's Backyard resident. It's a fox sparrow but has a sooty pattern. It's not all the way rustic brown like it usually is but have a slate grey color.

A Grackle meeting? Or do we have a female in the area?

We are only seeing two starlings so far, but I do hope to see more.

Cardinals tend to be very photogenic don't you think?

One of our deer covered in snow, this was the start of our 10 addition inches of snow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Meet Tabby

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce you to our Feral Cat that I call Tabby, since I'm not sure if it's a boy/girl Tabby is neutral.


We been getting visits from Tabby for the past few years, Tabby discovered that we put food out for the Raccoons and ideally we have food that Tabby could eat. We have kibbles, hotdogs and some other miscellaneous food.

We don't often seen Tabby because he/she is a Feral Cat meaning limited to no contact with humans. Even sometimes when we're in the kitchen, Tabby would take off. Other times we would be quiet enough where Tabby will resume eating while we watch in silent.

With that being said, getting pictures of Tabby is hard because of the time of day (Night/Twilight/Dusk) and the camera can't focus or see what I'm aiming to shoot for. These past few days Tabby have been arriving at our house just before we turn over to Night/Twilight/Dusk. I'm pleased to see a good winter coat and that it's healthy from my point of view.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Easter?? April's Fools Day??

Buddy's Backyard been experiencing some decent weather until Last night. We weren't expecting to get any snow but we did because the snow shifted south towards us.

We were enjoying seeing the snow melt almost completely around Buddy's Backyard, but now we got about 1-3 inches. Today we did get some sun, but we are going to be having some cold weather.

The blackbird Grackle or Red-winged expressed their distaste of the last night snow. Our turkeys been kind of absent.

A little piece of A Day in Buddy's Life . . .

You might ask what does Buddy do when we suddenly get snow when he could walk freely on the grass. Well our house happens to have dried trails all along the edges of the house, so when I went out to take pictures I used his trails.

As long Buddy had his clean trails, the snow or rain wouldn't stop him from doing his outside walk adventures until he comes across a wet patch of snow or rain along his way. He would make these cries like never before because he was yelling saying his feet are cold or wet and where he was, we had to encourage him to come out (meaning step into the snow path so I could pick him up from the ground).

I hope Copper and Coal will learn about his trails, the trails serves many purposes for them, for buddy and for us.


Hint: If they see their shadow, it's six more weeks of winter . . . .

YEP our woodchuck! Is it Wilbur or Chick? I have no idea but the fact that he/she came out before our impending snow storm (there's an April's Fools Joke) but I'm sure he/she will be going back under the ground until this small spout of cold passes.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Birthday Buddy

Today would have been Buddy's 17th birthday, while I'm sad that he's not here to celebrate another year. We can celebrate his life in spirit, remember all the memories we shared with him. He's also been gone from us for 6 months now.

Typically on his birthday, we give him some extra treats and the occasion milk. As he got older he started begging for more milk especially when I'm eating my cereal. Coal does the same thing, except he comes right up at my bowl and start sniffing and giving me cute eyes.

I don't know what Buddy thought as he aged over the years, I know his arthritis made it hard for him to get up on certain surfaces. So we were able to buy cat stairs for areas that he like to get up on, now he won't have to worry about falling. I know he fallen a few times because of the arthritis and we would always help him out.

What would Buddy do on his birthday, pretty much everything he does all the time. If we had decent weather he would be on the porch. Even if we didn't he would still go out on the porch but then comes back in when we ask him to. Play with one of his favorite toys or on his favorite sleeping bag.

Here's are some throwbacks of Buddy of his younger years and years in the past 6 years.

Buddy in his younger years throwbacks . . .

Losing Buddy was the hardest thing we had to go through as a family, but getting Copper and Coal truly did help ease our heartaches. They are keeping us on our toes and they are very eager to explore Buddy's Backyard soon enough.

Buddy lived his life the fullest, sure we would have wanted more time with him. However he gave us 16 and a half year of his unconditionally love and we gave him ours.

I promise I will be doing posts of A Day in Buddy's Life, I've just been very busy with my day work. So Enjoy these throwback pictures of Buddy. PS if you wonder about his collar . . . that is the only one we ever had for him even as he grew we never brought a new collar. His collar was truly one of a kind, it was a stretchable type until he got big and outgrew the collar.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy, no matter what I will still celebrate your birthday always.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Copper's & Coal's Tail

Jan. 5th, 2018

Copper and Coal learn something new about the mysterious backyard and why myself and dad go out there all the time. While they have manage to sneak out, they know it's cold and wet (for right now) but the kitchen window plays wonderful bird TV!!

Copper's Tail . . . Meeting Petrie!

Earlier this week Copper happen to be in the kitchen looking at me then looking at our window, I knew I kept seeing something big fly towards the window. But I assume it was the crows doing their dances and whatsnot, but Copper was so curious that he jumped on the kitchen counter to the sink and saw a great big giant bird!!! 

Copper met Petrie! Our Pileated woodpecker Petrie loves to eat Suet closest to the house, it kind of provides some shelter from the winds. He just flew in to do his normal thing, but little did he know that he had an audience! Copper was so entertains by Petrie's large size. 

It was the most adorable thing to watch, while Copper was trying to figure out how to get closer to Petrie. So Petrie had visited! 

Coal's Tail . . . When Turkeys Fly

While it's no secrets that we get turkeys, both Copper and Coal have seen the big turkeys in our backyard. One day I had to help dad out with putting food out, while the Turkeys were here.  The Turkeys aren't a fan of two people being outside at the same time.

Coal was up on the kitchen counter, looking out the window to our backyard and saw the turkeys initially but he probably never expected to see them fly!

Coal's eyes were probably wide with curiosity as the turkeys flew!

Coal's tail is a little shorter than Copper only because I wasn't personally inside the house like I was when Petrie came flying in. But Coal loves to watch the birds on the porch and watch the pair go into the birdhouse we have attach to the porch in an upside down position. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spring is here

These last few days have been filled with new returnees to Buddy's Backyard. First we heard a Robin and what we thought was a Red-winged blackbird but actually it was a Grackle.

The very next day we did hear a Red-Winged Blackbird! We also saw our group of Common Redpoll. The Goldfinches are gaining their color back, I took some picture of their color standing out pretty vibrant.

Today I saw our Red-breasted nuthatch, I didn't have the camera on me but I do have an older photo of the Red-breasted nuthatch. These Red breasted nuthatch are small and fast, they don't stay on the feeders long enough to get photos.

Stay tuned for more visitors as warmer weather comes, I look forward to seeing our orieloes, White-Throated Sparrows, hopefully our hummingbirds can appear at Buddy's Backyard.

I also hope this summer that I'll be able to go to some locations in my area to get photos of other birds and expand our horizon.