Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours . . . Although this year will be different because Buddy isn't here with us. But Copper will get his full share of turkey when we eat our thanksgiving dinner. Copper already loves going to the porch, even though he'll come running in because it's cold out and he doesn't have a thicker coat on.

The Girls (Turkeys) are still coming! We still have grass, but it's getting colder and the days are getting shorter. This weekend my parents and I are going to get our real Tree for Christmas and we will need to figure out how to introduce Copper to the idea that a tree will be in the house for at least a month or more.

Copper is also very curious about the Turkeys and about outside because my dad and I go out there twice a day. When spring comes we will take Copper and Kitten #2 out for their first walk. We're still looking for Kitten #2, but I hope to find one before Christmas.

While Dad and I were outside raking on Monday, I brought out Buddy to be outside with us like he usually would on a day like Monday. It was 48 degree! I know Buddy enjoyed it and Copper is curious.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Special Drawing

So while I was doing some cleaning getting all prepared to bring in the spirit of Christmas into the house. Don't worry we won't start decorating until after Thanksgiving.

Anyways I came across a few mementos of Buddy, one is a drawing that a local artist did while I had attend a Cat Show a few years back. Anyone who wanted a drawing of their pets should bring in a photo and he'll draw them. I pick this picture because this was his face when he get photographed and was sniffing the air. '

Plus we were outside when I took this photo, it was unusually warm for that time of year but we took Buddy out on his walk. I told the artist to not make Buddy any fatter than he already is and the artist laugh and said he won't make him any fatter than Buddy already was. When I picked up the drawing, I couldn't believe how much of Buddy he got. Like it's Buddy in a character cartoon drawing!

I had always intended to get it frame right away but the size of the drawing was unusually funky which made it harder to find a frame. Plus I kept forgetting the size! So When I came across it again and Michaels happens to have an 70% off Custom Framing, I took this opportunity to take the drawing in and have it framed.

The actual photo .... And yes he does have some white chest fur!! I'm surprise that the camera picked it up so well. We would always see it from time to time. 

Buddy as a Cartoon! 

I went into Michaels and got the drawing Framed. I can't wait to see the results of it all comes together. It won't be ready for two weeks but I can't wait to see the final product of this drawing. The next step is to figure out where we will hang it.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

One month passed . . .

It's so hard to believe that Buddy passed away a month ago. We still miss him everyday as well everything about him.

I know many people say this, "our cat is one of a kind" and it's true. Buddy was one of a kind to us, we saw him grow up as well my parents watched me grow up. He was there for a lot of things for us, he also needed us to care for him.

Bringing Copper into our household gave us a different atmosphere, he's this very playful kitten with a lot of curiosity plus I think he's half a dog. He keeps us on our toes!

Copper won't replace Buddy and neither will kitten #2, but they will help us mend our broken hearts and open our heart to loving them just as much as we did with Buddy.

Sadly it's getting colder out for Copper to be on the porch, he almost doesn't want too because he doesn't have enough "coat" on him to keep warm from the cold. Buddy would stay out on the porch for as long as he can until either (A) we bring him in or (B) he comes in willingly. Usually it's A that gets Buddy to come into the house, then he would either go to Daddy for belly rubs and warm snuggles or he'll go on his heated pad.

If you been following Instagram, I had posted a picture of a Frame that I'm going to use for Buddy. But I was so stuck on which photo to pick until I decided why just pick one photo? Why not 12 photos? One for each month of the year, that way we see different moments of Buddy.

I've had two of my gals tell me that I should do a Buddy Calendar, I hadn't really thought of that because I was thinking about doing an Buddy's Backyard Calendar featuring all the wildlife. But I may consider doing a Buddy Calendar.

For now enjoy watching my Instagram account because I've been doing #BuddyMemories at least every couple of days or every other day, depending on what I am doing.

Here's a fun video of Buddy playing with real Catnip from outside, it's that right time of season in the video to what's the weather is like now with all the leaves falling.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Turkeys . . . oh my!

It's been hard without Buddy around, but the family and I did bring a Kitten into the household. We're working on getting a second kitten but are hitting a setback with the shelter having their cats in quarantine due to a cold going around. Once we get the second one, I'll share a duo picture. Right now Kitten number one is named Copper.

In other news, we been having a large group visit Buddy's backyard . . . 24 female turkeys. Yes 24 turkeys at once. We lost Gunther awhile back, we're unsure what happen with him or where he went, but he had stopped coming to Buddy's backyard.

If you been following my Instagram account, I posted a video of our turkeys as well as photos. Copper is curious about these big birds, he's curious about everything and anything.

I'm still trying to post a blog on here every now and then, but with Buddy's passing and me working a lot. I'm grateful to have the Instagram account to share all thing Buddy's backyard. So please bare with me on the inactivity on this blog, but do follow my Instagram account @katsassynature.

Friday, October 20, 2017

A day like today

A Day in Buddy's Life

Today was one of those days where Buddy would demand to be outside . . . this is his typical weather. When I got done with work at 4pm, I took a glance at the temperature and knew that this day is a typical going on a walk day. 

I was going to carry him to his spot(s) around the house, but the herd of turkeys were here. I can still carry him to his spot(s) tomorrow before it rains.

MEOW . . . . MEOW

Looking at the backdoor leading to outside, Daddy out there.

Sniff the back porch . . . the devils leave a stink.

Which way to go? Left or Right?

I take RIGHT . . . might do a little business around the corner of the house.

Mom is following me and taking pictures. Making a loop around the house and passed the steps because I'm not ready to go inside.

I walk across this hard gravel . . . taking one step at a time, sometimes I follow the dirt path. I sit in my favorite spot in the tall grass. MMM maybe I'll eat some grass and make mom mad. There's a breeze and I close my eyes and sniff the air. 

I might take a nap . . . by choice I'll walk to the steps because I'm ready to go back inside for breakfast. But first my neck scratches and my harness is off. 

The humans feed me my dairy and provide water. I'm satisfied and is ready for my long day of napping.

In other news . . . I told Buddy that we will be bringing in our first kitten out of two tomorrow to his house. We're kind of on a hold to adopt a pet from the shelter due to a quarantine among the cats, but a friend of ours had a litter of kitten and had one that she hadn't found a home yet. So we're going to be taking him and then we'll look for a sibling/playmate once the quarantine is lifted at the shelter.

Once we as a family figure out a name that we can all agree on, I'll share it on Instagram.

Stay TUNED!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

In loving memory . . .

This is the hardest post I had ever had to write . . .

Buddy our furbaby/our dearly beloved family member passed away Wednesday morning October 4th, 2017 in his home, we as a family have been dealing with his illness for two weeks. We were trying everything to make him better, but basically what had happen he stopped eating and drinking. We managed to get him to eat and drink after trying different medications, but still he passed away.

You can't know how heartbroken we are of this, but we're glad that it was at home and not at the expense of the vet out of his surrounding. I cried pretty much all morning along with my parents, both my mom and I had to work, but going to work was tough.

We wrapped him in his favorite blankets and walked him around the house one last time, we took him to the vet to be cremated. We knew Buddy's time would come, but we just weren't ready and no one ever is. I love him to death and miss him dearly, I have an empty void in my heart because of him.

Buddy will never be replaceable, he was our world for 16 and a half years. Now without him, we feel lost and alone. The house feel cold and empty without him, although the weather is getting colder but without him it's even colder.

My family and I are looking at adopting two kittens sooner rather than later. I always worry that it's too soon to be looking, but I believe it's part of the healing process. Buddy wouldn't want us to be coming to an empty house.

I'll keep this blog open under his name, he's the reason why I started this blog. I will use Instagram to post pictures of Buddy through the years. If I can find a way to post any of the videos I have of him, I'll share those too.

He will never be forgotten. He won't ever be replaced, he is in our hearts.

Speaking of being close to and in our hearts, one of my great friends who also adore Buddy gifted me this amazing gift. I wear it all the time, except for at night when I sleep. But this is my new routine in the morning is putting this necklace on. 

04/01/2001 ~ 10/04/2017

Monday, September 4, 2017


Buddy's Backyard is now on Instagram . . . don't worry I'll still blog here but at least now I have the freedom of posting all different kind of backyard photos without the need to write something.

Remember Pictures are worth a thousand words and a thousand expressions

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