Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring is near!!!

Today is the first sign of Spring is near!!!

While putting out the food, I notice someone flying around. It was hard to see with the sun but someone was very curious about the seeds and tiny peanuts.

It was a common redpoll, we had a visit from one a few years back in winter. But we haven't seen them since . . . UNTIL today. I'm sure half the birds I was seeing were possibility Common Redpoll. I'll review the photos over and share some!

Some of our goldfinches are gaining colors! So we're excited to see that.

Dad heard a Robin! that's where we know that Spring is near/here and he also heard a Red-winged Blackbird.

I'm hoping to catch some more photos tomorrow since I am off and for the next two days after, so who knows what I'll capture for the backyard.

Copper and Coal are starting to enjoy the porch more but are very curious about what it is that we do in the backyard and why we always go out the backdoor.
We will be looking to buy them a harness.

I can't wait to start doing the things that we did with buddy for Copper and Coal, plus I think it will help my dad get into a routine of doing something. The kids don't really relies on him (sometimes they do) but it's different with two younger kids.

With Buddy especially in his old years, he tends to rely on us a lot but that was Buddy way of quality time.

My other spring cleaning is to find Coal's favorite toy, it had disappear last week and it is still not found. I'm hoping to find it on my days off.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Day in Buddy's Life: Winter Edition

To Copper and Coal, the young pawawans you will learn the amazing views of my porch. I've lived on this porch for 15 years. Your humans will demand that you come in when it's below freezing out at night and you insist on staying out there.

Your humans will insist that you lay in the sun during the winter and not the shaded area where my food would always be. I open my platform(s) to you to enjoy, you'll need to share (Copper I'm talking to you).

Respect the birds that flies in the bushes and in the bird house above you, they won't yell at you, leave them be. You can watch from a distance, listen from a distance but do not touch.
You will respect that the harness is for your protection, do not attempt to slip out and go wandering by yourself.

You will respect the humans on when they will allow you outside to learn my territory, do not attempt to break out otherwise there will be consequences.

Most of all have fun and enjoy everything that I left behind for you.

~ Buddy

A day in Buddy's Life: The WINTER EDITION 

I hate the white stuff that sits on the ground for months, I hate that it leaves a wetness on my paws and it's coldness. I do like it when I can walk in certain areas that are white stuff free, but I dislike the cold.

I know on days that it's cold that I must lay where the Sun is, the sun is to keep me warm while I nap. Sometimes I get an blanket to cover me so I can remain outside a little bit longer.

The porch is my second closest way to being outside without actually being outside (because that white stuff can't disappear fast enough). I like being able to step out onto the steps if there's no wet white stuff.

Most of all its one of my all time favorite place to be, if it's not with my daddy, being outside with my daddy and occasionally with my moms.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Four months & Kitten Bowl

While the pain is diminished of losing Buddy, he is still very missed in our household. Both Copper and Coal have helped take away that pain. There are still time when I'm in bed I wish I could cuddled up with Buddy's blanket but that blanket is with him. We still have other blankets that he often slept on and we still have his pillow blanket and the blanket that was on his heated pad.

Most of all I miss hearing him and watching his waddle walk. The backyard I'm sure knows that Buddy is no longer here, but we the humans are still here. I hope that they'll learn quickly about Copper and Coal when the time comes for them to explore the backyard.

I keep a journal that I write to Buddy, not everyday but just when I want to talk to him. I think I need to start sharing some more photos of Buddy on here, to kind of share his life with you guys that follow this blog. He's a special boy to our heart.

The boys are so curious about everything outside, so we are letting them on the porch more and more when we have some decent days.

Copper and Coal will be 7 months on the 11th and 14th, I'm thinking about choosing between the 12th and 13th as their joined birthday,. If you were also wondering if I hadn't share the news of whose bigger . . . here's the weight in January 17th.

Copper: 7.9lbs and Coal: 7.0lbs 

In other news about Buddy's Backyard, 

We have gotten a few ducks visitors (which is common during some cold tempts) Two may be our Donald and Daisy. Our Turkeys are slowly returning more often since our big snowfall we had. 

Hop-along our miracle squirrel is nice and healthy, getting all the seeds and nuts we can give her/him. The Blue Jays were very happy when we tossed out quite a few nuts and our Crows are still making their initial visit to Buddy's Backyard. 

The birds are eating a ton of seeds that I'm constantly filling most of the feeders.

Whose ready for Kitten Bowl???
We'll be tuning in and watching all the kittens and learn about some special kitten journey since hurricane Harvey and Irma. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Let it Snow

On Monday January 22nd, we had a major snowstorm. Probably one of the biggest we have had in awhile. Buddy's Backyard was weighted in snow and all of the critter were actively seeking food amidst the major snow.

I took a few photos the next day after the calm of the storm has passed. These are moment that makes pictures so magical. It was truly a winter wonderland EVERYWHERE.

By 3pm we had 7 inches of snow and by morning we had between 11 and 12 inches. Today we had temps of 46 degrees (That's warm for January) So a lot of snow melted today, the kids however had to stay inside the house with me being gone all day. 

I'll make it up to them when we get another decent day!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Three Months gone by . . .

Entering the new year, Buddy been gone for 3 months now. But let me tell you Copper and Coal have certainly picked up on some typical routine we did with Buddy.

Even today, the kids were eager to want to be outside on the porch after they attempted to sneak out to the backyard porch patio. Copper has a little cold right now since it had been below temps for days, today is actually a nice day compare to how it's been all week.

Tomorrow and the next few days are going to be porch worthy days!

Life with two kids is certainly different from just only having one, but it been an great experience watching Copper and Coal grow into their personalities. Copper is the instigator while Coal is the passive "I'll entertain myself".

But let me tell you Copper loves to use his claws, while Coal hardly uses his!! We call Coal a little Clumsy because he doesn't use them! But he' practicing jumping on surfaces, while Copper take stride in Counter surfing.

While I don't know what Buddy thinks about two cats in his household, I know he see that we're enjoying every moments with the kids. Buddy would certainly be sunning on the porch these next few days because of warm temps.

My ipod creating a memory video the other day, it had showcase Buddy, Copper and Coal. While some of the photos of Buddy were when he was ill, they were still memories I took of him. I think I took them for the sake of just having a Kodiak moment rather than what was really going on. I was savoring every moment I had with him before he passed.

Buddy's Backyard

As far as the Backyard . . . It's been cold and we just went through an 50lb bag of black oil sunflower seeds in 8 days! That's how much our critters were eating, they eat more to keep themselves warm. Our turkeys were still coming but it's been since Thursday since I haven't seen them, so crossing fingers that they are okay and will make their appearance again soon.

OH now that reminds me . . . there's a tale I need to share but I'll write it on a new post. So keep your eye out for the short tale!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Buddy's Ornaments

Christmas decorations are light this year due to life things and having two curious kittens. 

Check out the Instagram post on Buddy's Ornament.

With Buddy he showed curiosity when we put up the tree and started decorating, the one thing he did when he was younger was hide and nap under the tree behind all of our White Kmart Christmas bears. 

Over the years Buddy always had this spot by the bathroom, where he would often lay just because and one year I had won a Christmas carpet. Buddy loves it! I think maybe because it was red or it was just on the floor. 

The little carpet mat was penguins, so each year we would bring it out and replace the brown/tan mat with the Christmas for a few weeks. He claims it as his own, we have it out where the sun shine through our kitchen to little hallway and Buddy would lay to get some sun. 

I think it was the first or second year that we had Buddy, we were decorating the tree and I was putting ornaments on the bottom of the tree. He came over to check things out and he found this little lamb that I had just hung.

He swatted off the lamb and took it in his mouth and walked away from it, playing with it. From then on we knew that he claimed that ornament as his own. So Buddy had his own ornament, as the years went by I think he forgotten about that little lamb unless we show him with a direct interest in it. 

To this day we'll still call that Lamb his . . . 

Merry Christmas from Buddy's Backyard

Keeping this sweet and short,

Merry Christmas to everyone!

The turkeys (the girls) were here enjoying their daily meal, a few were a little spooked when there are two of us outside feeding everyone. Three flew great length from point A to point B (which is across the street)

Copper and Coal enjoyed their first Christmas and are taking a nap after all the excitement, I'm off to read a book and relax.

See you guys in the New Year!