Sunday, January 7, 2018

Three Months gone by . . .

Entering the new year, Buddy been gone for 3 months now. But let me tell you Copper and Coal have certainly picked up on some typical routine we did with Buddy.

Even today, the kids were eager to want to be outside on the porch after they attempted to sneak out to the backyard porch patio. Copper has a little cold right now since it had been below temps for days, today is actually a nice day compare to how it's been all week.

Tomorrow and the next few days are going to be porch worthy days!

Life with two kids is certainly different from just only having one, but it been an great experience watching Copper and Coal grow into their personalities. Copper is the instigator while Coal is the passive "I'll entertain myself".

But let me tell you Copper loves to use his claws, while Coal hardly uses his!! We call Coal a little Clumsy because he doesn't use them! But he' practicing jumping on surfaces, while Copper take stride in Counter surfing.

While I don't know what Buddy thinks about two cats in his household, I know he see that we're enjoying every moments with the kids. Buddy would certainly be sunning on the porch these next few days because of warm temps.

My ipod creating a memory video the other day, it had showcase Buddy, Copper and Coal. While some of the photos of Buddy were when he was ill, they were still memories I took of him. I think I took them for the sake of just having a Kodiak moment rather than what was really going on. I was savoring every moment I had with him before he passed.

Buddy's Backyard

As far as the Backyard . . . It's been cold and we just went through an 50lb bag of black oil sunflower seeds in 8 days! That's how much our critters were eating, they eat more to keep themselves warm. Our turkeys were still coming but it's been since Thursday since I haven't seen them, so crossing fingers that they are okay and will make their appearance again soon.

OH now that reminds me . . . there's a tale I need to share but I'll write it on a new post. So keep your eye out for the short tale!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Buddy's Ornaments

Christmas decorations are light this year due to life things and having two curious kittens. 

Check out the Instagram post on Buddy's Ornament.

With Buddy he showed curiosity when we put up the tree and started decorating, the one thing he did when he was younger was hide and nap under the tree behind all of our White Kmart Christmas bears. 

Over the years Buddy always had this spot by the bathroom, where he would often lay just because and one year I had won a Christmas carpet. Buddy loves it! I think maybe because it was red or it was just on the floor. 

The little carpet mat was penguins, so each year we would bring it out and replace the brown/tan mat with the Christmas for a few weeks. He claims it as his own, we have it out where the sun shine through our kitchen to little hallway and Buddy would lay to get some sun. 

I think it was the first or second year that we had Buddy, we were decorating the tree and I was putting ornaments on the bottom of the tree. He came over to check things out and he found this little lamb that I had just hung.

He swatted off the lamb and took it in his mouth and walked away from it, playing with it. From then on we knew that he claimed that ornament as his own. So Buddy had his own ornament, as the years went by I think he forgotten about that little lamb unless we show him with a direct interest in it. 

To this day we'll still call that Lamb his . . . 

Merry Christmas from Buddy's Backyard

Keeping this sweet and short,

Merry Christmas to everyone!

The turkeys (the girls) were here enjoying their daily meal, a few were a little spooked when there are two of us outside feeding everyone. Three flew great length from point A to point B (which is across the street)

Copper and Coal enjoyed their first Christmas and are taking a nap after all the excitement, I'm off to read a book and relax.

See you guys in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Antlers, Antlers, Antlers & Antlers!!!

Today presented with some very interesting visitors . . .

We already knew that we were getting Bucks, but we did not expect to see FOUR bucks!!!!! Seeing four bucks have been unheard of for Buddy's Backyard.

I was coming home from work when I saw that our first two bucks were coming to the backyard, Dad was currently putting food out at this time. The larger buck saw Dad in the garden (which is their direct route to the backyard most of the time), he was looking at him curiously as Dad was putting food out. This Buck clearly have seen Dad before because he stood just outside of the garden, dad chatted with him as he saw the others in the near distance.

The others took off when I had to backup in the driveway, but the one still stayed even as I backup and was able to get out of my car to take some pictures on my phone. Then he watch the others go back behind the baseball field and decided to go get them and bring them back to Buddy's Backyard.

We waited, keeping an eye out for their return. We saw the largest one first but then I saw what I thought was the second buck that we had been seeing but then I saw the antlers were different. LO and Behold!!! It was an different buck along with seeing yet another! So all in total FOUR Bucks with different points!!!

Follow the pictures!!!

 The Two Pointer

 The 8 Pointer

The Four Pointer

Some more pictures of the second 8 pointers

The next few photos are the first 8 pointer (He's much larger in size compare to the second 8 pointer)

 Some more of the four pointer

I hope you enjoyed all the amazing photos I got before it got too dark!!

Monday, December 11, 2017

It's Cold Out!!!

We're starting to get the cold! Plus the snow . . .

It's time for another "A Day in Buddy's Life"

Buddy would still take full advantage of staying outside on his porch, he has a thicker coat than Copper and Coal. Right now Copper is the only one that is interested in the porch, but I think once Spring comes and we start introducing Coal to the porch world. But who knows maybe Copper will get him to go out with him.

I still wish Buddy was here of course, Buddy would make us begged him to come in the house from the porch. Sometimes he would come in on his own or when we finally tell him that it's time to come in. He would scurry in when he did get too cold, other times he would take his time leaving us standing barefoot or jacketless waiting for him to come in.
We would still the breakfast routine out on the porch, some dairy and some daddy and me time before dad heads to the back to feed the backyard. 

When we got snow the first day, it was light flurries hardly covering the grass. Buddy would tempt to walk outside. He always love to check his outside, even when there's is snow on the steps but he need to smell that winter cold air. He would stick his nose up at the snow because that mean the end of walking outside. 

Snow equals wet feet. 

I think he spends a lot of his time watching the birds borrows in our huge branches that grows baby breaths and there's another type of tree mixed with it. They love to chat and I think they also gather in there to keep warm. I can't tell you how many ends up in there during the day. 

Other times Buddy would try to sleep but we would tell him no because it's too cold out and he can get sick. He did during the last two brutal winters, he would sneeze on most times, there been a few times where he get the chills but that's when we knew he was not feeling well. 

I would like to do more of A Day in Buddy's Life more often, the holidays this year is extremely busy and BIG!! I have tons of upcoming family gatherings and such. So please bare with me as I'm continuously being absent. 


Friday, December 8, 2017

Two months passed . . .

I'm a few days late on this post . . .

Buddy been gone for two whole months, it's still hard to believe that he's not here. Sometimes I wake up and kind of expect him to be somewhere in the house. Maybe what I'm sensing is him watching over us and taking a peek at the two kittens we NOW have in our house.

I am keeping a journal and writing letters to Buddy, I don't write it in every day. But I will write in it from time to time when a memory comes across or a photo sparks a memory. But I'll write to him anytime because to me that one way of keeping his memory alive along with the photos and videos.

SPEAKING of a PHOTO . . . The drawing of Buddy is finally Framed! and it couldn't have turned out any better. Even my parents were in awe in the photo. I knew that picking that frame and had a little help from michaels on Matte colors although I pick one of the matte colors. It's perfect.

Here's the link to the Instagram post of Buddy's picture on the wall.

I'm terrible at taking pictures lately, but many of you have seen Copper. Coal is our newest addition and he's an all black kitten. Coal is exactly the same age as Copper, I didn't expect that we would find someone that is born within two days of Copper.

It took awhile to find kitten number two after hitting a few road block, but now we have a second kitten. I think secretly we will still keep our eyes out for Buddy in recarnation, I don't know what we would do if we did ended up with a third kitten. But I think our hearts and Buddy will guide us to the right decisions.

Copper is a little bully to Coal, but I think Coal is starting to grow in wanting to smack Copper in the face when he had enough.

Coal is a very lovey dovey kitten, he does like to play but is always wondering where Copper is 90% of the time. But we're working on it. Coal loves attention, he still hadn't gotten used to being a on bed yet even though I place him on the bed with me.

I know it will take time and patience, so be patient with me on sharing pictures. I am busy with other things in life and the holidays are coming up!

With Love,

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours . . . Although this year will be different because Buddy isn't here with us. But Copper will get his full share of turkey when we eat our thanksgiving dinner. Copper already loves going to the porch, even though he'll come running in because it's cold out and he doesn't have a thicker coat on.

The Girls (Turkeys) are still coming! We still have grass, but it's getting colder and the days are getting shorter. This weekend my parents and I are going to get our real Tree for Christmas and we will need to figure out how to introduce Copper to the idea that a tree will be in the house for at least a month or more.

Copper is also very curious about the Turkeys and about outside because my dad and I go out there twice a day. When spring comes we will take Copper and Kitten #2 out for their first walk. We're still looking for Kitten #2, but I hope to find one before Christmas.

While Dad and I were outside raking on Monday, I brought out Buddy to be outside with us like he usually would on a day like Monday. It was 48 degree! I know Buddy enjoyed it and Copper is curious.