Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Buddy's backyard has been quiet because of the cold, but we did have some of our old spring/fall visitors come through. Our European Starlings. Where they been I'm not sure but they came back.

We have had our usual critters, and the raccoons been in hibernation since early November.

Ever wonder what would be some perfect birding gifts?

This year, I've receive and given gifts that is perfect for our backyard birding.
1. Is the 365 day calendar
2. I receive an "rite in the rain" which is an journal that is rain proof and a pen that is rain proof with a little zipup.
3. I've gotten dad a bird puzzle that features the Cardinals, Nuthatch, Chickadee, an Eastern Bluebird, and a goldfinch. <-- this by far is the best gift I could give to dad
4. Part of an Hallmark ornament series "The Beauty of the Birds" this year was the Pine Grosbeak, they did have a female limited edition but that was completely sold out on the first release day.
5. Next I gave my dad two new feeders because our squirrels have been destroying our small feeders.
6. I got my dad a stuff animal plush Squirrel which only until later tonight, I realized that the plush little squirrel is a replica of one of our squirrels named Sweater.
7. You know that commercial with the Raccoons?
Here's the video

I've found this little figurines that features three raccoons and it's honestly the perfect thing I could get dad.