Saturday, November 19, 2016

Winter is coming!!!!

I know it's been extremely quiet on this blog, I swear once I'm on school break I'll start posting some photos of Buddy's Backyard creatures.

We finally have gotten cold temperatures and I think that all of our raccoons has taken shelter, there's no snow on the ground yet but I think this cold front we got will tell them to go hibernate (although they don't really hibernate).

The Moles that lives underground has really done a number on our neighbor yard, they are just tunneling all over and creating big unearthed holes. You could probably dig about less than a foot before you seen an actual hole that lead deep underground.

Other backyard titbits, our crows DO eat Peanuts!!!!! I've read somewhere that Crows eat Peanuts but we always throw peanuts out for the squirrels that we never seen them take an interest in until one day a crow must have watch me put peanuts in an unusual spot and sneakily took them but we witness it.

Here's some Winter Tips for your backyard creatures,

Heated bird bath, that's has to be one of the best thing we have for all our of birds and deers to have water access.

IF you feed Feral cats, start building those shelters now or start bringing them out if you already have made those. If you never made these shelter before here's a video on building them

Keep food available, we may go the extra mile to make sure that everyone has food. There's not much we can do for warmth for squirrels (If I could and if it would work I would totally buy an heated shed and have little houses fit for squirrels and birds)