Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rare Sighting!

So a few days ago, Buddy's Backyard had a very very rare sighting of a Eastern Bluebird. The humans of my household have live up in this area since 85' so this is a VERY VERY rare sighting.

Here's why mainly Eastern Bluebirds are not common where we live, Eastern Bluebirds tends to live in areas such as meadows and openings surrounded by trees that offer suitable nest holes. With the proliferation of nest boxes and bluebird trails, bluebirds are now a common sight along roads, field edges, golf courses, and other open areas.

Where I live is in the suburbs, while yes we have "some" small open fields with tall trees and a pond. It's not an area where Eastern Bluebird typically come to, for some reason this Male Eastern Bluebird stumbles across my very diverse backyard.

He drank some water and took a short bath and spent a little time in our backyard and then went on it way because we never saw it after that one sighting. BUT that doesn't mean it couldn't happen again! We'll just have to keep our eyes out and timing is everything, I'd just happen to have been taking some pictures of a Starling taking a bath and then sudden the Eastern Bluebird flew down to the birdbath.

I hope somewhere down the road that I'll venture out to take photos of Eastern Bluebird in their natural habitat as well other birds that Buddy's Backyard doesn't get. There's so many different variety of birds that I wished they all visited Buddy's Backyard (that's not inviting the hawk or other predators that would eat my birds and critters) 

Until next time my Blue friend, thank you for visiting my backyard.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Critters Spolight

Wild Rabbits

For Buddy, it's no secret that he has wild rabbits running around in his backyard. He would often keep watched from his porch and sometimes when we're out on his tiny walk.  

Little Baby Bunny

A great camouflage!

This is the bunny that happens to came out to eat clovers while talking with the neighbor
 Another interesting this about this rabbit, was that dad was talking to the neighbor and this rabbit decided that he was going to have his clovers while we were talking. That shows that this rabbit was comfortable enough to do what it wanted to do, while dad and our neighbor talked.

Look at those ears!

How many do you see?
This was another thing that was discussed, should we assume that these rabbits are from the same family? How does that dynamics work, when you think about it that most of these rabbits that lives in Buddy's Backyard are probably from the same parents or kits.

Is this a good pose?

 As a estimare of how many Rabbits Buddy's Backyard has, I would guess roughly around 5 or 6. Since we know there's one baby and there's at least four adults. 

There will be another Wild Rabbit Spotlight, I discovered just yesterday that one of our Wild Rabbit only uses three leg or only have a full set of three legs. It's tricky to really capture the bummed leg but it's in the front, but on the left side which is typically facing away from me.

Also for that second Wild Rabbit spotlight, I will talk a little bit more on rabbits, their life, habits, plus more. As far as attracting these animals, you'll most likely already have these in your yards. However the one thing I won't explain (for any critters) is how to eliminate them, our yard is a part of their home.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Busy Backyard

Today was a busy day in Buddy's backyard, with the return of our Baltimore Orioles and our Rose Breasted Grosbeaks. Our routine visitors, the Red Bellied Woodpecker was not only on one of our suet it was on the ground and on the tree.

This is one of our male Baltimore Orioles, I believe that the parents had three males and one female. 

Usually when the Red bellied takes off from the suet, it goes somewhere else but not today!
This is the Male Red-Bellied Woodpecker.

Our robins (I can't even begin to count how many I saw today), one was taking a much needed bath and others were looking for bugs and nesting stuff.  

This is the Male Robin, you can tell that he is enjoying his bath.
 And lastly, our Rose-breasted Grosbeak . . . one of our returning visitors from the south.

I know what you're thinking! Don't worry! This is our Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
I haven't debated on how often I want to do a Spotlight on the birds, because we get so many but it would also be too much to do on a daily Spotlight on every single bird. But the main goal with this idea, is to tell you all about the breed, its life, how to tell the difference between Male verse Female and how to attract these birds to your backyard.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Hello and welcome to Buddy's Backyard,

What you will find in Buddy's Backyard are a variety of wildlife photos taken in Buddy's own backyard.

We're in the midst of having some of our birds that migrate to the south for the winter return to Buddy's backyard. We're excited to see them all again and document about them, this is part of the purpose for this blog, so you can learn about our birds and learn about birds overall.

I've been photographing wildlife for almost five years now? Either way I love taking photos of our birds and critters, it's amazing that you can interact with some of these birds and critters just by being there. They don't need much from me, except for some food and clean water-baths, but otherwise as long I stay within my distance and theirs, we're all in harmony.

Almost every single bird and critters knows Buddy, since his routine involves taking a walk outside with me and explore. Not one bird or critter ever sounded the alarm when Buddy is out, only when there's a hawk or another cat that doesn't belong in Buddy's backyard.

I also ask that you do not copy any of my photos and claim it as your own, I will have a copyright label on all of my photos.

I will be letting you know about when and where you could purchase a photo.