Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rare Sighting!

So a few days ago, Buddy's Backyard had a very very rare sighting of a Eastern Bluebird. The humans of my household have live up in this area since 85' so this is a VERY VERY rare sighting.

Here's why mainly Eastern Bluebirds are not common where we live, Eastern Bluebirds tends to live in areas such as meadows and openings surrounded by trees that offer suitable nest holes. With the proliferation of nest boxes and bluebird trails, bluebirds are now a common sight along roads, field edges, golf courses, and other open areas.

Where I live is in the suburbs, while yes we have "some" small open fields with tall trees and a pond. It's not an area where Eastern Bluebird typically come to, for some reason this Male Eastern Bluebird stumbles across my very diverse backyard.

He drank some water and took a short bath and spent a little time in our backyard and then went on it way because we never saw it after that one sighting. BUT that doesn't mean it couldn't happen again! We'll just have to keep our eyes out and timing is everything, I'd just happen to have been taking some pictures of a Starling taking a bath and then sudden the Eastern Bluebird flew down to the birdbath.

I hope somewhere down the road that I'll venture out to take photos of Eastern Bluebird in their natural habitat as well other birds that Buddy's Backyard doesn't get. There's so many different variety of birds that I wished they all visited Buddy's Backyard (that's not inviting the hawk or other predators that would eat my birds and critters) 

Until next time my Blue friend, thank you for visiting my backyard.

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