Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where Am I?

I apologize for not doing any picture sharing lately, things been a little crazy with having a job and just trying to take fun photos of everyone in Buddy's backyard.

I can still say that we're still having a lot of activities just as well with pictures, but I've been working hard trying to submit photos to the Nature Conservatory photo contest and finding the right pictures that will blow the judges sock off.

On another note, I will be traveling in July to Oshkosh where there happens to be an Audubon's Birds of America exhibit. So I can't wait to see that!!! 

On birds related news, our orioles are starting to bring the babies to the feeders and just yesturday our Eastern Bluebird showed up again, it appears that he comes when there's lot of activity going on with the birdbath because that's how it been with the last few times of him and the female showing up.

Granted we haven't seen either of them since our big storm earlier this month but to see him again yesterday tells me that they have to be in the area somewhere and knows our backyard.

The Grackles are interfering with the Orioles feeders, they or just one of them likes to go up on the feeder and disrupt the orioles.

We've gotten pictures of downy feeding her baby so if I can find the pictures I'll share some as well other pictures.

Wild rabbits!!!! We are seeing so many!!! We got to have at least a dozen and babies too!

Well until I can get more things organize about how to run this blog better, we're keeping in tune with the backyard.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Orioles Behavior

Today, May 31st was the first that we seen our orioles do something right before our eyes. So we get crows in our backyard all the time, but this one crow that clearly came for food got an very unwelcome greetings from our male Baltimore Orioles.

They kept swooping down at the crow, and the crow wasn't really willing to leave but the males were persistent in making the crow leave. So the crow moves around from spot to spot in our backyard to the fence across the alley. But the orioles were not satisfied until it left the premises, so the crow decide to take off and the orioles came swooping down at it then chase it to where our lilacs and woodpile is.

After watching that whole thing happen, I quickly went to search up reasons why the orioles would do that because this is the first that we've seen them do it. From a couple things that I've read, the reason behind this attack is to protect their territory, their nest.

Now we just realizes that the boy from last year nesting, along with his mate had to have built their nest in one of our trees in our yard. We say this because we would always constantly hear them in those trees, so maybe they felt that the crow was invading their territory as well being a threat to their nest.