Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How many can you see?

Who on the spotlight of Buddy's Backyard today?

It's no secret that Buddy's Backyard is filled with critters, one of our biggest group of visitors are raccoons. YEP Raccoons and NO they don't go digging in the garbage > sometimes the recycling but don't ask me why the Kits are a curious bunch.

These Kits are not camera shy, they don't care for the hose, they love grapes and now Marshmallows. According to dad we have always had raccoons, and he had always feed them but then he kind of stop feeding them until a few years ago. Clearly one of the biggest complaints people have about Raccoon is them getting into their garbage.

We started feeding them to keep them out of other people garbage, that way they didn't have to go out to find food but instead come to Buddy's Backyard and always have food there waiting for them. So we been into our routine feeding for awhile but then we took notice of raccoons showing up much later at night looking for food, so we decided to start making a second batch of food for them.

Well as you know Kits have been born and mama raccoon teaches her kits where to go for food. We believe we have two sets of family and a couple adults from prior family. So one night while taking photo I couldn't believe how many I was seeing!

So take a guess by this photo on how many there are!!!

Sorry that this photo is a little dark, but this is taken at night

Think you got the right number???? Check again!

If you wonder if raccoon cleans their food? Yes they do! Not all the kits are doing that yet but most of them are.

Hope you enjoy today tidbits on Buddy's Backyard and remember be kind to nature.