Saturday, May 14, 2016

Critters Spolight

Wild Rabbits

For Buddy, it's no secret that he has wild rabbits running around in his backyard. He would often keep watched from his porch and sometimes when we're out on his tiny walk.  

Little Baby Bunny

A great camouflage!

This is the bunny that happens to came out to eat clovers while talking with the neighbor
 Another interesting this about this rabbit, was that dad was talking to the neighbor and this rabbit decided that he was going to have his clovers while we were talking. That shows that this rabbit was comfortable enough to do what it wanted to do, while dad and our neighbor talked.

Look at those ears!

How many do you see?
This was another thing that was discussed, should we assume that these rabbits are from the same family? How does that dynamics work, when you think about it that most of these rabbits that lives in Buddy's Backyard are probably from the same parents or kits.

Is this a good pose?

 As a estimare of how many Rabbits Buddy's Backyard has, I would guess roughly around 5 or 6. Since we know there's one baby and there's at least four adults. 

There will be another Wild Rabbit Spotlight, I discovered just yesterday that one of our Wild Rabbit only uses three leg or only have a full set of three legs. It's tricky to really capture the bummed leg but it's in the front, but on the left side which is typically facing away from me.

Also for that second Wild Rabbit spotlight, I will talk a little bit more on rabbits, their life, habits, plus more. As far as attracting these animals, you'll most likely already have these in your yards. However the one thing I won't explain (for any critters) is how to eliminate them, our yard is a part of their home.

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