Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring is HERE!!!

Spring is here!!!

WE been hearing Robins but we have not been seeing them . . . until today. There were three total but unfortunately the third one took off before the picture could be snapped.

We also have the Grackles back, at least one blackbird and one red-winged blackbird in the near distance. We been putting out nesting materials and every morning the nesting material has been gone.

We are also keeping an eye on one of our cardinal pairs, last year the female had decided to build a nest in one of the large bushes we have at the front of the house, but many other birds were not happy about it. A lot of chatters (angry chatters), but sadly someone had gotten our cardinal eggs, most likely a squirrel because the nest wasn't too disturb.

We're thinking that it's the same pair because they are attempting to try that area again but we're going to try and direct them to an different area and hopefully they can build their nest there.

Buddy is getting into his routine walk again, now that we're getting nice weather and he's spending all of his days on the porch.

Also tonight we heard a small group of Herring Gulls fly across us, which is unusual for us to see them. We're also hearing Sandhill Cranes in the far distance, echoes off from the Pond. Maybe one of these days we'll see them in flight????

We have sandhill cranes in our local area but now they are flocking near our large Pond that is an habitat to many other birds. 

So we're gearing up for SPRING!!!

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