Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Resolutions

Hey everyone!!!

I know this blog has been very quiet, I'll try to work into focusing on posting about our birds. After all spring will be here before we know it and birds will be coming back to our backyard.

We are currently putting together a puzzle that I brought for dad that had showcase some of our birds, we been doing puzzles for a couple years now on New Year's Eve and we try to finish it before the new year comes. We are still working on the puzzle but it will look so great when it's put together.

We mostly have gotten all the birds together and the birdhouse they're sitting on, we got the cardinals pair, an bluebird, goldfinch (Male), a sparrow (maybe house) and then we have a chickadee. Once we have the puzzle together I'll share a photo.

Speaking of our backyard, everyone been pretty quiet or staying warm. We must have had our cooper's hawk earlier this week because there were feathers. Our crows are an fascinating creature of bird and smart too!

We now been tossing out old bread for them and they come for their dinner/breakfast, even some dip the food in the water of our heated birdbath.

Hope we have a great year with all sorts birds both old and newcomers!!

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