Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meet Gretchen

Hey everyone!!!

So guess what new visitor been coming around Buddy's backyard . . .

She's been coming around since mid-June, what descriptions can we say to hint on what Gretchen is.

She's large . . .

Has Feathers

Eats plants, bugs, insects . . .

Leaves one sets of tracks.

Have you figure it out yet????

GRETCHEN IS . . . . . 


Copyrights: Buddy's Backyard
Copyrights: Buddy's Backyard

Copyrights: Buddy's Backyard
Gretchen has become a routine visitor nowadays, typically it's an morning and early evening routine. She'll come in the morning and depending on if anyone up, we see her but sometimes she come really early but we're always able to see her early evening.

There are some days she does come maybe three times, typically it's two but it could/and can be three to four times a day. There's almost never a day where we don't see her or know that she has come.

She loves to dig in what we call our leaf pile between our two large trees, and scowers for bugs that lives underneath all that mulch. That's usually how we can tell that she had been here in the morning when the leaf pile looks very disturb.

She did bring a friend at one point that we call Zelda, but she makes a very rare appearance.

If Gretchen continue to come when the weather and seasons start changing, we'll have to find a way to provide food for her during the cold season.

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